Wall Of Ears - Perfect Organ Assembly
$5.00 - $13.00

  • Wall Of Ears - Perfect Organ Assembly

Wall Of Ears - Perfect Organ Assembly
$5.00 - $13.00


Wall of Ears is what happens when As Cities Burn guitarists Cody Bonnette and Christopher Lott embrace experimental recording and writing processes. Perfect Organ Assembly is the afterbirth of a strange composition process: songs being recorded as they were being written. Under their twisty fingers the studio became an instrument as involved with the composition of the songs as their creators. Working this way allowed Chris and Cody to patiently sculpt their sonic vision, manipulating the bizarre orchestrations of inverted samples, field recordings, guitar fuck ups, and unconventional instruments (such as the singing saw, toy pianos, vibraphone, and many more), in a surreal soup of texturized hallucinations.

Track Listing

  1. Heavy Hologram
  2. Autosky
  3. Great Big Birth
  4. Miss Earth
  5. Cancel Features
  6. Mind of Moss
  7. Arms Heist
  8. Task You
  9. Ravage Holy Ohm
  10. The Tale

Pressing Information

Clear Red w/ Black Smoke - 100
Opaque Dark Purple - 100
Opaque Gold / Opaque Teal Swirl - 300

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